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A doll's bet :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 21 6
Old wishes (TG/TF)
The sun shone through the half-closed blinds, hitting a figure sleeping on their bed.
The person shifted, stretching in the covers, kicking them off.
A soft yawn as they sat, long hair flowing down their back, a small frame, petite body.
They stretched and slid his feet into their slippers, and stood up to start their morning route, by going to the bathroom.
An onlooker would say that was just a normal girl's morning routine.
This person wasn't a girl, not yet at least.
He washed his face some, and brushed his teeth, and his hair too.
A natural shine of beauty came from this person.
"Soon" He said, secure about his decision.
He turned around and headed to the kitchen, to have some breakfast, he had some free time, considering he spent the last few nights finishing his final essay for college.
As he sat in front of a bowl of cereal, he noticed a bright, colorful envelope sitting on the kitchen desk.
Curiosity got the best of him as he went to open it, and was surprised by the rather rid
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 8 5
Mature content
Easy Money TG - End :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 11 3
Mature content
The pink trap - (MGTG series) :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 6 3
Easy Money TG - Part 2.5
He pressed back against the locked door.
No way he was going to go further than that.
If he just stayed there, he would not have to go further into this room.
A room labeled "Shaping room".
He feared what he might find inside.
It was just a hallway.
A normal hallway.
Or a hallway that looked normal?
He didn't want to find out. He just didn't.
He just waited there.
Pressed back against the door, hoping he wouldn't have to go further.
A whirring noise made him jump, it was very close.
He looked around in fear, trying to find the source, and as he tried to step away, he found he couldn't anymore.
He looked down.
Both of the heels were clamped down onto a small, metal platform.
He tried to pull, and pull, it was beyond clear both of his legs were stuck to the heels, and the heels to the platform.
He desperately pulled, and the platform began moving, with him on top.
He pulled more, and more, and eventually stopped when he was placed in front of various machines.
He could see big -tanks- la
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 12 9
Easy Money TG - Part 2
He woke up on a bed, and took a sigh of relief.
A dream, just a dream, yes that must be it.
He chuckled to himself, there's no way something like that could've been real from the start, right?
He sighed, and looked to where he'd normally put his alarm clock, to notice nothing really.
A bed in an empty room.
He realized he was probably still dreaming, yes that must be it, it's all a dream.
Surely he can just imagine something and make it appear, yes for sure.
He closed his eyes and began imagining, a big mansion, lots of women, money everywhere, a limo...
His thoughts were interrupted by a breeze shoving hair into his face, and he realized he wasn't dreaming.
That damned stupid wig was still there!.
He pulled at it, feeling the pull of his scalp, fighting and fighting against the adhesive.
There had to be a way to get it off!
He pulled the covers of the bed, and got half a moment of relief.
At least whatever was doing this to him was fair enough to not attack him in his sleep.
It just t
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 15 6
Easy money TG - Part 1
Easy money they said.
It was going to be an easy job they said.
Oh boy how wrong they were.
"Bad dog! Bad dogs!"
He was now quite literally hanging, and it was upside down from a pole, while trying to shoo away a bunch of -big- dogs, which might as well be flipping land-sharks.
He just hung there, kicking at them as many times as he could, in panic, he managed to climb onto the roof of the damn place.
And so there he was, on the roof of a massive mansion, a massive pink mansion surrounded by flowers, owned by the richest woman of the entire state.
Supposedly, the ones who hired him had hired another couple thieves to steal from her and it was a piece of cake.
Supposedly. He doubted it.
Now, besides the massive land-sharks, he hadn't actually seen any kind of security, maybe he was just overreacting, maybe it would actually be easy.
He checked his backpack, besides some slight tears from the beasts, he still had it mostly intact.
Moving further to the center of the roof, he found a lock
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 14 6
New story teaser
He kicked at the heels, desperate, pulling at the now hardened laces, scratching at the dry excess glue oozing from the edges of them, it was no use, they were stuck and beyond, pushing the long hair from the wig on his face out of his vision, he looked at the path, he shouldn't have tried to steal from that rich woman, because he tried, he was paying the price...
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 2 7
Mature content
Doll TG (Part 3) :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 15 2
Doll TG - teaser
He could feel it. He was trapped. The hard plastic shell that now covered him. Watching through the tinted doll eyes that kept his eyes open, and the mask that formed a pretty pink smile to his lips. The cold layer of glue that held everything together along the welding of the plastic pieces told him that unless his sister grew tired of him... He may never return to normal...
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 8 2
Mature content
Doll TG (Part 2) :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 16 3
Doll TG (Part 1)
"BOO!" The big brother screamed, jumping from his hiding spot, his sister bursting to tears right there, screaming, he laughed.
"I told you the was a monster in the closet! And it's me!" He said, the little girl ran out crying, leaving him alone.
"Aw man he's going to tell mom and dad isn't she... It's HER fault for always falling for my tricks" He said, chuckling and sitting on her pink princess bed. Being a teenager, he decided he wanted to be 'the best' big brother he could.
"Oh well, might as well get going to my room, I know how this is going to end anyway" He said and got up, jumping at the 'I love you' phrase from a doll he stepped on, one of his sister's many dolls and toys.
"Ah what the heck, off of here with you" He said picking it up, giving a look of disgust to the doll before throwing it away.
As he turned back, the door closed with a loud slam, and a click to show the lock.
"Hey what the heck? Lemme out!" He said, walking to and knocking on the door, no answer.
He jumped
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 27 2
Maid trap - Ending
I stepped out into the light, and there she was.
My sister.
She was the one behind all this, I should've assumed that from the beginning.
I opened my mouth to ask 'why', and she reached a hand to my lips, taking the first words.
"I did it for you" is all she said, and she smiled sweetly, like what she did was good...
Which it kinda was, even if this was all stuck on me, I loved the outfit, I loved being this.
"I know what you're thinking, and yes, I did do this on purpose, everything had to be stuck on for this to work"
She said, holding out a pink heart-shaped pill on her hand.
I looked at her about to ask, she interrupted once again, I suppose she didn't want me to hear my own voice.
"Here's the thing, you take the 'medicine', it's one-way, but you'll get to enjoy this to its full extent, just like you always wanted"
I took the pill, and looked it over, will it really make me happy?
"If you don't want to, I'll just give you the solvent, help all that off you, and never mention or try
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 25 13
Mature content
Maid trap PT4 :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 20 9
Mature content
Maid trap Pt 3 :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 26 0
Mature content
Stuck in heels :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 33 2


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"Pfft you're joking right" He said "I've been planning this for so long!" A male voice said.
"Come on, you lose nothing, and we have a little bit of fun!" A female voice said.
The couple discussed a bit, the boyfriend wanted to cosplay in military-type cosplay from some military anime for an anime event, but the girlfriend... She had other, more, 'special' plans.
"Come on" She said.
"...Alright fine, bring it on, I definitely won't lose!" He said, confident, she challenged him to a game he excelled at. She didn't stand a chance with this silly 'bet' of hers.
"You know it's better if I win, Miku and Luka are very well known characters" She said, picking up the controller.
"Yeah but they're both girls, and I ain't crossplaying" He said, determined to win, he usually went easy on her, but not this time.
The game initiated, "GAME, START"...

"I can't believe I lost..." He said to himself, as he saw his girlfriend going around, preparing everything for the outfit.
"Don't worry, you will look so wonderful, not only will nobody know you're a guy, you're going to make many Miku fans proud~!" She said with a big smile on her face.
"I don't even -know- this Miku you speak of!" He said, and almost immediately jumped back when she held up a big, mask, head thing.
"This is Miku, and also the head you will wear soon. For now, strip!" She said, he shuddered, she seemed serious.
"A-alright alright" He said, turning around, he pulled his top off, along his pants. Usually he would be excited about undressing for his girlfriend, but this time? He was terrified.
"Don't forget the underwear too" She said, it was off faster than she finished speaking.
"Now put these on" She said, holding something, white and puffy, and rather large.
"This is kigurumi brand underwear, really, don't worry about it, it's completely normal for this sort of stuff" She said with a convincing smile.
"Alright alright..." He said, not quite convinced, but still worried what may happen, well, he didn't really know what 'Kigurumi' was, or how it related to cosplay, but it could't -hurt- to try, could it?
He pulled the slightly tight, yet heavily padded white, thing, up his legs.
The texture was soft, almost like a pillow wrapped tightly around his butt, giving him a flat front and a padded behind, making him look a bit bigger on the rear.
"This is tight" He pointed out, causing the girl to chuckle.
"That's the intention, now hold still and I'll clasp it up" She said, and before he could ask, he felt it tighten even more around his frame, she had just pulled some kind of set of strings, unaware as she tied several -very- tight knots, some that wouldn't be easy to undo... "And a bit of safety" As she fit and snapped the laces into some kind of strange plastic-like, thing, which covered the entirety of them. He didn't know what that was.
"Next we work a bit more on your figure" She said eagerly, wrapping something around his waist, which he recognized as a corset.
"Is this really necessaAAHHhrryyy...." He felt the air being crushed out of him as the strings tightened, and were knotted and secured by the same plastic clips on the laces.
"There there, that's good enough" She said, then held something else, he thought he would be crushed for sure. "Don't worry, this won't be nearly as tight" She said, "Now lift your arms up"
He did as ordered, having a hard time speaking and regulating his breathing, and she pulled some kind of vest down on him, but he would quickly find out it wasn't just any vest.
It too was padded, tight around his figure as she wrapped the safety laces up, but on his front hanged a pair of small, cup, things, they were like pockets. He knew the intention once he saw what she was holding.
"You're coming up nicely eh?" She said, holding a pair of little sacks, "Now hold still" She slowly fit the sacks into the slots, giving him pseudo-boobs, and grabbed some thread and a needle, to which he was quick to object.
"This is necessary unless you want the thing to fall apart mid-con and be ridiculed" She said. He thought momentarily and just admitted defeat, seeing her sewing the sacks into the cups, and then trying to resist complaints as she began sewing the three costume parts together over his body, unaware it was not just 'safety'. Probably was safety, but not for him.
"Next are the clothes, starting with the underwear" She said.
"Am I not... Already wearing underwear...?" He said, struggling for air.
"Don't be silly, that's all just shapewear" She said, and he sighed frustrated as a plain bra was wrapped and clipped in place, followed by plain white panties over the padded bottom.
He could just lift his arms as he saw what was next, he just couldn't object anymore as a large bra was wrapped around him and his 'breasts', while she carefully ran some sneaky thread and needle at the back and sides.
"Now arms in front of you" She said, holding a pair of long, glove things, they were skin-colored, he figured it was just some pair of dressing gloves the Miku character wore or something.
He felt their tightness as they pulled over his arms, tighter and tighter as they ran up and up, it was literally a pair of arms, his hands were now tightly wrapped in a creamy feminine soft skin of smooth material, and his fingers tightly pressed together showing off the pretty nails of the glove.
He wanted to reach to feel the material, but would quickly find he couldn't move his fingers, or his arms, very well, if at all, stuck in an 'excited' pose of sorts.
"Um... This is... A bit... Tight..." He managed to mutter, she didn't pay any mind as she grabbed the next part of the outfit.
"Don't worry, next is the main outfit" She said, pulling the main ensemble that was Miku's outfit, bright black and cyan, he felt blush fill his cheeks, and hoped it wasn't due to the sheer heat of the outfit.
"Move your-... Oh right you can't too easily, right right!" She said with an innocent, yet mischievous giggle, working on pulling his rigid arms through the armholes of the main outfit, with a built-in skirt, nicely wrapped around his waist, swaying with his every, slight move, in the mirror, his head seemed way off place on the body of such a, strangely cute girl.
"Next is your legs, sit down!" She ordered, he obeyed without a second thought, just wanting it to be over already.
She pulled another pair of skin-colored leggings of some sort, up his legs, he got the same feeling gloves as she used the skirt to cover up her sneaky acts, some extra thread here and there, she crawled out and got a box.
"These are her iconic shoes, don't worry you'll get some training for them too" She said, he could just take a deep breath as he stepped into the long almost latexy heeled boots of some sort with seemingly built in stockings were pulled up his legs, and not noticing how trapped he was now.
He was ordered to stand up, finding it very difficult to move his legs, until he was helped up, wobbling a bit, he probably couldn't fall even if he wanted to, and he didn't want to, because he definitely would not be able to stop himself from falling, she looked him over, satisfied.
"Now we're onto the last steps of any kigurumi suit" She said, pushing him down to the bed, and sitting in his lap with her bag.
"You aren't... Going to..." He muttered, there were a few limits to what he would let her use on him, and makeup was -not- one of them!
"Relax... It's just going to be a little, it'll help you feel in character!" She said, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't move his arms to stop her, and the padding of the outfit prevented any big movements to move away from the various brushes and sticks harassing his face, he felt ridiculous and humiliated.
"Next up!" She said, wrapping some kind of tight skin-colored, thing around his head, it covered the entirety of his head, all but his face, just his pretty made up face poking through the hole that was the cloth, thing.
"Of course, the most important thing" She said, holding the large, head thing, the wig came separate, and the head came in two parts, front and back, she gently pressed the back of it against the back of his head, it felt nice and cushioned, if a bit heavy.
Then he saw the front part, with the face eyes being one-way lenses, a nice smiling mouth, and... He couldn't get time to react as something was pushed into his mouth, filling it, and the head piece snapping with the back, he tried to shake his head, get the thing off, out of his mouth, terrified, yet, strangely excited and aroused...
"Calm down! You'll only make it worse! Geez" She said, adjusting a neck piece, quickly he felt less able to move his neck.
"There! Much better, now we add..." She said, working the wig over the doll's head, a nice rigid doll, she took plenty of time to run plenty of thread and needle, skillfully disguising any hints of entrapment within it, he was trapped in the darn thing, she had set him up from the beginning!
"Now I know what you're thinking... But look at the bright side~" She said, forcing him to turn to the mirror, as he looked, he was horrified.
There was no man there, just, a big, feminine japanese doll, sitting there, almost motionless in the hand of its creator, he had never felt so terrified, yet so, strangely aroused by it, to be in such an outfit, to be a victim in the hands of his girl, he felt ridiculous, he felt embarrassed, he had never liked any of that.
He got lost in the sight of the 'girl' sitting there, that 'girl' was him, a doll of a fictional character. He stared and kept looking, before he realized a familiar voice broke him back to reality, he saw hints of his girlfriend, but that girl was pink, she looked a bit like he did.
"Boy look at you, you've already lost track of yourself huh~" She said teasingly, "I know what will make you feel even better, something that will let you enjoy this for as long as you want" She said, going under, working on something, that she had intentionally missed during the sewing, the lower piece was exchanged for something bigger, much fluffier, and before he realized it, something, foreign had forced itself into his body, causing him immense pain, which quickly, strangely turned into some kind of, strange vibrating pleasure within him.
"There you go, my pretty dolly, you are going to enjoy what it feels like to be my doll" She said, standing up and pressing her fist firmly down on the padded front, feeling whatever was down there almost burrow in further. "You're going to stay here... Be pretty... Do absolutely nothing... I will clean you three times a day... You won't speak, you won't move, you're a pretty dolly for me and me only, and nothing can change that" She said, her tone, and the vibrations, it caused him to swell up inside, to swell up with desires, feelings he never thought he'd feel, arousement, forbidden pleasures, he would beg her for more if he could.
He tried to resist a bit, what about the event? 
"We're still going to the event... Just you and me... Nobody will suspect a thing... And we'll be together, just you and me, right dolly...~" She said, her tone, her sultry, sweet voice, it burrowed deep into his mind, almost waking up his deepest desires.
He shook is head internally, feeling the embrace of this, the embrace of being a dolly, to be in her delicate hands, to be treated with care and love, to be, to be... To be her dolly.
His mind was racing, ideas clashing, he felt like shutting down, but he wasn't a computer.
He just, was, he was...
'I am your dolly', was what he managed to think.
And her smile... That's all he needed to know, that she could understand him, without words, without signals...
Because he was her dolly. And a good owner knows what a good dolly wants, and needs.
A doll's bet
Whew! After a (very unecessaryly long) break, I've finished this! A gift for someone I can consider a friend :iconsharprs: which is what I can easily consider from beginning to end, some heavy experimentation with new themes and styles!
I hope you enjoy, and you may be seeing more from me relatively soon! 
The sun shone through the half-closed blinds, hitting a figure sleeping on their bed.
The person shifted, stretching in the covers, kicking them off.
A soft yawn as they sat, long hair flowing down their back, a small frame, petite body.
They stretched and slid his feet into their slippers, and stood up to start their morning route, by going to the bathroom.
An onlooker would say that was just a normal girl's morning routine.
This person wasn't a girl, not yet at least.
He washed his face some, and brushed his teeth, and his hair too.
A natural shine of beauty came from this person.
"Soon" He said, secure about his decision.
He turned around and headed to the kitchen, to have some breakfast, he had some free time, considering he spent the last few nights finishing his final essay for college.
As he sat in front of a bowl of cereal, he noticed a bright, colorful envelope sitting on the kitchen desk.
Curiosity got the best of him as he went to open it, and was surprised by the rather ridiculous amount of what seemed to be glitter coming out, more like colored powder now floating in the air.
He coughed and just used the paper to blow the cloud of color away, trying to keep his eyes on the paper.
"What a stupid prank... Hmm let's see..." He began reading, 'Hello sorry to have to communicate to you in this manner, but somehow your request was somehow lost in the great pool so by the time we found it, it was pretty hard to decipher, but! We have found it and your wish that you asked for years ago has been granted, and will be fulfilled shortly!' - The great order of wishes.
He almost chuckled at the end, what was that, some make-a-wish-foundation kinda deal?
He didn't even recall very well what that wish was, all he could remember was trying to open up to his parents about the stuff he liked...
He shrugged, thinking it was some elaborate prank from a close friend, rolling up the paper and throwing it in the trash, scratching his head some, he decided to go out to get something to eat since his cereal was spoiled by the amount of glittering-dust that the letter came with.
Switching from slippers to casual shoes, he walked out the door, shutting it, not noticing the slippers he left behind glowing and changing color, changing shape into something more 'appropriate'...

As he walked through the streets, he considered his options, pancake house? Burger place? Pizza world? Chinaland?
He opted for some proper breakfast and headed to the pancake house near the block, being welcomed by a waitress, he took a seat, looking at the menu.
As he sat, he felt a bit strange, uncomfortable in some way, he just couldn't put his finger on what it was.
"What will it be miss?" A waiter said.
He was used to that, being called 'miss', well, soon it wouldn't be so weird and it would be proper, as soon as he was able to afford to fully transition.
"Just one o-..." He felt his voice break momentarily, coughing a couple times to clear his throat, "Sorry, the basic breakfast combo please" he continued, wondering what was wrong with his voice, maybe the dust made him sick or something.
The waiter nodded as he wrote on his little notepad, and walked away.
He sat there, shifting uncomfortably a bit in his seat.
A weird sensation spread across his body, he was sure he was going to get sick.
"Man this sucks..." He said, continuing to try to rub his throat, swearing his pitch was just growing, and noticed how soft and smooth he felt.
"Huh, all that was worth it in the end" He thought as he remembered the times when he was learning how to stop beard hairs from growing.
"Here you go miss" The waiter said, as the plate was set in front of him. "Enjoy"
"Thanks" He said, as the waiter walked away, feeling a bit like he was just hit on for some reason.
As he ate, he failed to notice how some things changed around him, or rather, how he changed.
He finished his meal, patting his full stomach a bit, the waiter was quick to pickup the empty plate.
After payment, he walked out, still shifting a bit, wondering what felt so wrong, and not noticing the waiter discussing with her partner about the cute girl whom just walked in, and the waitress being pretty sure that wasn't a girl.

He stretched some more as he walked through the mall, which he decided to visit, had to make good use of the remainder of the Sunday.
Stopping in by a clothes store, he peeked in, looking at the mannequins sporting the ridiculous fashion of the current generation, plain ridiculous patterns.
That reminded him, all those years back when he found a fashion magazine, seeing a style he had never seen before, supposedly imported from Japan, it's feminity was welcome, for a very short time, then it was pulled back to Japan. Such frills, bright colors that were in many ways, 'cute', and lovable to him for some reason...
It brought a soft sigh to his lips, as he walked he could hear a soft 'clicking', ignoring it as just ambient noises.
A soft breeze blew, he felt it on his legs, making him feel confused for a moment, but he ignored it and continued walking, stopping at various stores to look at the plain, boring fashion, his stomach began to hurt quite badly.
He ran, loud clicking as he entered a bathroom, just as the feeling passed.
He saw himself in the mirror, a reflection he could not ignore.
A pale girl looked back at him, a young looking girl, clad in one of the bright, frilly dresses he had longed to see.
A lolita dress.
He wanted to ask her where she got it, wanted to ask who she was and... And...
Realization slowly struck him, as he moved and the girl moved along him.
As he lifted his arm to see her doing the same motion.
As he looked down, to see a feminine and petite figure.
He was speechless.
Then he remembered, all those years back, he made a wish, to become just like them, like the things he liked...
Well, one half was fulfilled. He sure loved the dress he was rocking. A lovely dress indeed.
He couldn't help but twirl, and then nearly end up faceplanting, his legs felt numb.
He lifted his skirt a bit, thinking that maybe the strange girly shoes he had been put into were just cramping up his feet, and as he tried the buckle...
He quickly realized they wouldn't budge.
It was just an outfit right? Surely...
As he reached to the pseudo corset on the back of the dress, he quickly discovered the laces went nowhere, no start or finish.
It wasn't that much of a worry, nothing a pair of scissors couldn't handle...
He imagined the cutting motion and tried to make the motion with his hand, but felt numb, a strange numbness in his hands.
He looked at them, and almost screamed, a mix of ecstasy and fear.
Pale plastic.
Pale, featureless plastic, he could see it slowly spreading up his arm, as the numbness spread, as he tried to scream for help, despite how good it felt.
He felt he could no longer open his mouth, and a look in the mirror would show that his lips had fused together, becoming a flat, featureless surface that slowly spread.
He walked to the door, trying to pull it open, desperate to get someone to see it, to make sure he wasn't dreaming, more of his body felt numb, converting into some kind of plastic, but he knew, he was becoming a mannequin, the thought made a surge of ecstasy course through him...
Him? He quickly moved his slowly solidifying arm down, trying to feel, the frills made it hard but, all he could feel was hard plastic hitting against flat, featureless plastic.
Was he a he anymore? A she even?
He ran, only to tumble, legs too numb, too plastic, he crawled as much as he could, and once his arms solidified, he could no longer.
He could only feel his vision slowly leaving him, fading into darkness, his mind began feeling numb, he could feel all leaving him, as somehow he was lifted, positioned up.
His body, the remains of it converting into plastic, just like he was meant to be.
No. He tried to fight but.
He wanted that, he wished for it, but that was before. Yet he couldn't bear to think, to wish not to be in that situation anymore.
The numbness continued, he didn't know how much time had passed.
Darkness closing in, his consciousness slipped away...

People gathered around the strange mannequin.
A weird, feminine mannequin, featuring some of the most ridiculous frilly outfits.
Where it came from, nobody knew, they just stared at its featureless, plastic frame, and at the ridiculous dress.
Among them, few, secretly adored the style.
The frills, the feminity.
Orders were being placed on nearby stores.
An envoy of a new style, a nearby shop owner would quickly adopt the mannequin into her store.
And as a new store opened weeks later, everyone would admire the birth of a new generation.
And between those mannequins, a special, featureless one laid, posed perfectly, always in the same dress.
Just like it always wanted to be...
Old wishes (TG/TF)
A story written for someone who has shown support for some time! *Cough* :iconnegativekarz: *Cough*
I might've drifted a bit off-theme to your request but I hope it's good enough!
Somewhat of a new theme I hadn't experienced with! Enjoy!
Good news and bad news!
The good news is I've patched up my computer hardware and got it back up and running! And... Actually theres no bad news, look forward to a pair of stories coming soon!
Update, currently saving up to buy the replacement parts for my computer, so I may go silent for some time! I will try to post updates until I can get my secondary, less useful but still working old PC up and running!
My computer is having serious issues!
Its getting many errors and I will have it checked ASAP. Due to the wonky nature of mobile Stash and my lack of a secondary writing computer, current projects are on potential hold if this problem isn't resolved! Sorry for the inconvenience!



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Vytz Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017
thanks for watching
Rasgriz-1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the watch!
MaxGlueTG Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Oh it was a tiny bit of an accident but you can keep I s'pose!
Rasgriz-1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
lol, all the best people are accidents! 
MaxGlueTG Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
*Insert joke about politicians being planned*
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Anheru-X Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016
thanks for the watch
MaxGlueTG Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
Not a problem!
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016
Happy birthday
MaxGlueTG Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016
Thanks! Sorry I didn't see that or reply before!
LoveLatex64 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016
Hehe.. Must have been a good bday 😉
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