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Easy Money TG - Part 2.5
He pressed back against the locked door.
No way he was going to go further than that.
If he just stayed there, he would not have to go further into this room.
A room labeled "Shaping room".
He feared what he might find inside.
It was just a hallway.
A normal hallway.
Or a hallway that looked normal?
He didn't want to find out. He just didn't.
He just waited there.
Pressed back against the door, hoping he wouldn't have to go further.
A whirring noise made him jump, it was very close.
He looked around in fear, trying to find the source, and as he tried to step away, he found he couldn't anymore.
He looked down.
Both of the heels were clamped down onto a small, metal platform.
He tried to pull, and pull, it was beyond clear both of his legs were stuck to the heels, and the heels to the platform.
He desperately pulled, and the platform began moving, with him on top.
He pulled more, and more, and eventually stopped when he was placed in front of various machines.
He could see big -tanks- la
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Easy Money TG - Part 2
He woke up on a bed, and took a sigh of relief.
A dream, just a dream, yes that must be it.
He chuckled to himself, there's no way something like that could've been real from the start, right?
He sighed, and looked to where he'd normally put his alarm clock, to notice nothing really.
A bed in an empty room.
He realized he was probably still dreaming, yes that must be it, it's all a dream.
Surely he can just imagine something and make it appear, yes for sure.
He closed his eyes and began imagining, a big mansion, lots of women, money everywhere, a limo...
His thoughts were interrupted by a breeze shoving hair into his face, and he realized he wasn't dreaming.
That damned stupid wig was still there!.
He pulled at it, feeling the pull of his scalp, fighting and fighting against the adhesive.
There had to be a way to get it off!
He pulled the covers of the bed, and got half a moment of relief.
At least whatever was doing this to him was fair enough to not attack him in his sleep.
It just t
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Easy money TG - Part 1
Easy money they said.
It was going to be an easy job they said.
Oh boy how wrong they were.
"Bad dog! Bad dogs!"
He was now quite literally hanging, and it was upside down from a pole, while trying to shoo away a bunch of -big- dogs, which might as well be flipping land-sharks.
He just hung there, kicking at them as many times as he could, in panic, he managed to climb onto the roof of the damn place.
And so there he was, on the roof of a massive mansion, a massive pink mansion surrounded by flowers, owned by the richest woman of the entire state.
Supposedly, the ones who hired him had hired another couple thieves to steal from her and it was a piece of cake.
Supposedly. He doubted it.
Now, besides the massive land-sharks, he hadn't actually seen any kind of security, maybe he was just overreacting, maybe it would actually be easy.
He checked his backpack, besides some slight tears from the beasts, he still had it mostly intact.
Moving further to the center of the roof, he found a lock
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New story teaser
He kicked at the heels, desperate, pulling at the now hardened laces, scratching at the dry excess glue oozing from the edges of them, it was no use, they were stuck and beyond, pushing the long hair from the wig on his face out of his vision, he looked at the path, he shouldn't have tried to steal from that rich woman, because he tried, he was paying the price...
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Mature content
Doll TG (Part 3) :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 12 2
Doll TG - teaser
He could feel it. He was trapped. The hard plastic shell that now covered him. Watching through the tinted doll eyes that kept his eyes open, and the mask that formed a pretty pink smile to his lips. The cold layer of glue that held everything together along the welding of the plastic pieces told him that unless his sister grew tired of him... He may never return to normal...
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Mature content
Doll TG (Part 2) :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 12 3
Doll TG (Part 1)
"BOO!" The big brother screamed, jumping from his hiding spot, his sister bursting to tears right there, screaming, he laughed.
"I told you the was a monster in the closet! And it's me!" He said, the little girl ran out crying, leaving him alone.
"Aw man he's going to tell mom and dad isn't she... It's HER fault for always falling for my tricks" He said, chuckling and sitting on her pink princess bed. Being a teenager, he decided he wanted to be 'the best' big brother he could.
"Oh well, might as well get going to my room, I know how this is going to end anyway" He said and got up, jumping at the 'I love you' phrase from a doll he stepped on, one of his sister's many dolls and toys.
"Ah what the heck, off of here with you" He said picking it up, giving a look of disgust to the doll before throwing it away.
As he turned back, the door closed with a loud slam, and a click to show the lock.
"Hey what the heck? Lemme out!" He said, walking to and knocking on the door, no answer.
He jumped
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Maid trap - Ending
I stepped out into the light, and there she was.
My sister.
She was the one behind all this, I should've assumed that from the beginning.
I opened my mouth to ask 'why', and she reached a hand to my lips, taking the first words.
"I did it for you" is all she said, and she smiled sweetly, like what she did was good...
Which it kinda was, even if this was all stuck on me, I loved the outfit, I loved being this.
"I know what you're thinking, and yes, I did do this on purpose, everything had to be stuck on for this to work"
She said, holding out a pink heart-shaped pill on her hand.
I looked at her about to ask, she interrupted once again, I suppose she didn't want me to hear my own voice.
"Here's the thing, you take the 'medicine', it's one-way, but you'll get to enjoy this to its full extent, just like you always wanted"
I took the pill, and looked it over, will it really make me happy?
"If you don't want to, I'll just give you the solvent, help all that off you, and never mention or try
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Mature content
Maid trap PT4 :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 19 9
Mature content
Maid trap Pt 3 :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 22 0
Mature content
Stuck in heels :iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 29 2
Maid trap PT2
I began waking up, feeling a bit of pain around the bump that formed on my head.
What the heck had hit me?
I tried to reach to rub it a bit, but found myself unable to move anything other than my head, and even then my movement was -very- limited.
"What the heck?" I thought to myself, as I tried harder to move, I felt like there was something holding my entire body still.
The room lights turned on, and I found myself facing a mirror...
I wanted to scream, but found myself unable to speak for some reason.
Whatever hair I had on my body was shaved clean off. I was completely bald and shiny, but that wasn't the reason of my panic.
My entire body was covered in some thin metal 'wires' of sorts, like some kind of robot frame, covering most of my body from the neck down, and the necklace I saw right before getting knocked out was wrapped around my neck, and quite tightly I must say.
My underwear was removed and replaced by some kind of tight skin-colored shorts, that were -very- tight, and I
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Maid trap PT1
It was a day like any other, and I was minding my own business at home. I lived with my sister, whom was older than me. Being a curious youngster, I often sneak into her room to try her things on.
I had quite a small figure, so fitting into her stuff was an easy task, and of course, she would always come back to see me in my room and all her stuff untouched. I was quite the pro.
But this day things changed.
"I'm going out with my friends, you know the rules" My sister said.
"Yeah yeah. Stay inside the house, don't break anything, and of course..." She talked in unison with me "Don't touch your/my things".
"Alright, see ya in an hour or two" she said, and headed to the door. "Oh and stay away from my new dress. It was very expensive" She gave me the 'if you do you're dead' look, I just nodded and waited for the sound of her car engine slowly moving away, and waiting one more minute for good measure, before running to her room.
Man the place was awesome.
She had a smaller room because of
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Antics and Angels: Sicily TF/TG (Request)
Requested by Quadrasputnik (
“Alright… time to zone out for a while.”
Ethan was at his house one day, relaxing on his own. He needed it, anyways, after a long day of school, especially for a young middle schooler trying to deal with getting used to everything.
But he put all of those thoughts to the side, because now was his time to relax. It was especially a pleasure to relax at a time like this, directly after class, knowing that his older brother wouldn't be out of school for another 2 hours. It was really nice to spend some time away from him, especially considering his rather frequent habit of-
“Hmm? Damn, only one at home has to answer the door…”
Grudgingly getting up from his seat, Hila went over to answer the door after hearing two rings.
Opening it up, all he found was a package! Addressed to him!
He quickly picked it up and brought it to his kitchen table. Grabbing some scissors, he began to cut through
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Cryptic Cards :iconimmy-is-thinking:Immy-is-Thinking 67 9
The Future of Dueling is Now In YOUR Hands!

With 8 days til 2099 officially launches, I think it's more than fair to ask for some help to get everything going. As much as we (Me, Darkness, Hunduel, and Grezar) can try to get stuff going on our own since we have had our time of establishing stuff for YCM's format, it of course would be a lot easier to get help from other people to get this going. To clear it up in advance, yes you can still participate as a player if you fill in said positions. Below are a list of a list of things we are looking for jobs we are looking to get done and their general description:
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! no longer available / Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! wanted

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Shop Manager: 2099 needs help running its shop portion, managing new releases and sorting out packs when they come out, and getting transactions over to the accountan
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The makeup nice, thick and smudgeproof, with nice thick and long flirty "drag" lashes, the wig with enough glue it may as well be as good as permanent, dress sewed and glued shut, swishing with his every move, corset restricting his breath, nails hindering his actions as he tried to lace up the heeled boots on his feet, spraying some more glue on the inside and outside, all nice and ready, the game was read-... Wait what is he doing?! Why is he wearing that ridiculous outfit?! Why is there a timer on the wall!
Teaser for a story I'm working on, dammit mobile DA for breaking the normal submission options!
#Glue #glue #glued
Reached a bit of a heavy distraction point so I haven't had much time to dedicate to writing! Sorry but life's getting in the way, at least the concept is there and ready to go! Story coming eventually!... Maybe


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